All is good here on the Lavender & Ewe farm.

There was a great sunrise this morning which I just had to photograph! See how wonderful it was in the main image above.

the sheepdogs May and Bill asleep

let sleeping dogs (aka May and Bill) lie

The clocks have gone back though so there’s no time for long walks with the dogs these days. That’s sad. We just get a quick 20 minutes before it’s too dark.

And then they enjoy a long sleep until the morning – evidence in the picture on the right.

As we need to make the most of the light we have, autumn farm life is currently made up of a mix of animals and vegetables. Apart from walking the dogs, I will be out getting fallen leaves out from around the lavender and starting to apply some lime around the plants. This is something you can do to amend your soil’s pH and thereby encourage the lavender. Handy tip.

the ewes Ruby and Pepsi eat windfall pears

Ruby and Pepsi get munching

Also the windfall pears we’ve had recently have made our ewes Ruby and Pepsi very happy as you can see on the left.

But we are in the grip of our first winter blast from the South. It’s bitterly cold, with frosty mornings and snow on the mountain ranges.

Autumn will soon be gone.