Spring is definitely here because the weather is a real mixture.

Just recently on the Lavender & Ewe farm, we have had everything from white frosts to torrential rain, a bit of sun, followed by huge winds. It can only mean one thing – Spring has arrived.

It’s lambing time

In the lavender patch, I am busy keeping the grass mowed between the rows and starting on the weed mat tidy up. Despite all the leaf removal work over the winter, there is still quite a build up of plant rubbish which the plants do not like and weeds do!

So it is a case of keeping the space between the plants as tidy as possible. I have a selection of second-hand carpets that I am cutting up and laying down between the plants once I have the area tidy. A good tip to keep the weeds at bay!

The ewes are well into lambing with two sets of triplets and four sets of twins safely on the ground.

There is one ewe left to lamb and two hoggets (they are one-year-old ewes having their first lamb, so a strange and possibly anxious time for them). Some hoggets are fine but others take a bit of extra help and quiet time to realize the lambs are theirs.

Once they do, we’ll be heading into summer.